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You're Never Alone

Updated: Jul 15, 2021

One windy fall day in the town of Salem, Massachusetts, three middle school kids were having a sleepover. “Hi, Anthea!” A small girl said, that’s me, I had tan skin that looked like caramel, blue eyes like the Atlantic, and brown hair that looked like chocolate. I wore a white shirt that had a rose embroidered on it, shorts with a brown belt, and long socks with cats on them that are wearing witch hats. “Hey, Luna! Is Artemis coming?” Anthea said.

She had brown hair that looked like sweet milk chocolate, brown eyes that looked dark and romantic, pale skin covered in freckles, and black glasses with white paint splatters on them. She wore a black dress with stars on it, a witch hat, and long white socks with black buckle shoes.

Before I could answer Anthea’s question, a tall girl walked in, she had red hair that looked even brighter in the sun, green eyes that looked like emeralds, and a white face with freckles all over it. She wore a white dress, with long white socks, and white converse. “Were you asking for me?” the girl signed, she was clearly deaf.

“Artemis, you came!” I said as we both went to hug Artemis. We were very close friends; Anthea and I became friends in kindergarten after I gave a kid a wedgie for making fun of Anthea’s Sid the Science kid lunch box and we met Artemis in a game of pretend on the playground in first grade.

After dinner we played a few games before it was time to tell spooky stories, Anthea told the story of The Bell Witch, and Artemis told the story of Red Roses. When it was My turn, I told the story of a person who used to live In Salem. “The man was named William Evans; he was a strange man.” Luna said “He would stare at people all day and go out at night and stare at people through their windows, He was nicknamed The Watcher. He was found dead in his house when he was 19. On the wall “You’re Never Alone” was written in blood. People say that his ghost still watches over people at night but only on Halloween night.”

“Today is Halloween!” Artemis explained. A few hours later, it’s 3 a.m.

None of us could go to bed because we felt like they were being watched by the person in that story that I told, “What if the story is real?” Anthea asked, “Maybe we could ask your mom, she’s a witch” Artemis requested to me, “She’s not my mom, she’s my step-mom,” I said with an annoyed tone in my voice, “She only adopted me to look good, she doesn’t care about me.” “She can still help us though, just give her a chance. She’s sweet.” Artemis signed. The girls headed into the living room to find my Step-mom, she was working in the café next to their house, she had long wavey brown hair with pale skin and brown eyes, she wore a black shirt with a green apron with a name tag that said “Ellie Williams”.

“Hello, Ms. Williams. Can we ask you a question?” Artemis asked as I translated, “Sure, you can ask me anything, but make it quick cause you have to go to bed” Ellie responded. “Is the legend of The Watcher real?” Artemis signed.

“I’ve actually never thought of that, um… I don’t think so, why do you ask?” “Well… we felt like we were being watched” Anthea responded with a worried look on her face, “That’s strange, if you want to you can check outside” Ellie quickly responded with a scared tone in her voice.” Before we could answer, a little girl came barging in, she had blonde hair that was as yellow as corn, blue eyes that looked like diamonds, she wore a white nightgown with bunnies all over her dress, white bunny slippers, she held a cute stuffed bunny that looked pretty old, it was Melanie from next door “Help! Come quickly! Please!” Melanie said holding back her tears.

They followed Melanie back to her house and into the basement. In her basement were the dead bodies of Melanie’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. Henderson, on the wall, written in blood, said “You’re never alone.” Melanie burst into tears and fell into Luna’s arms. They all looked up at the writing in horror. “I guess the legend of The Watcher isn’t just an old legend,” I said as I looked around hoping to be just a joke the Henderson’s pulled on them. They’d pulled pranks on me before but not like this. “Don’t worry Melanie, we’ll help you find out what happened,” said Luna with a reassuring look on her face.

“Ellie, can you take Melanie upstairs, it’s past her bedtime,” Luna said trying to act tough even though she felt awful, the Henderson’s were close family friends. She couldn’t help but feel bad for Melanie.

“Luna, I’m scared. Can you read me a bedtime story?” Melanie asked, she had cute puppy dog eyes and an adorable lip quiver. I couldn’t say no, so I agreed to read the story to Melanie, she slowly started to fall asleep. When I was done with the story and Melanie had fallen asleep, we heard a loud blood, curdling scream come from down the street. Melanie was already asleep so she didn’t hear it. As I ran downstairs, I saw none other than Ethan Newman. He was your friendly neighborhood bully.

“What do you want, Ethan,” Luna said with an annoyed tone in her voice. “You guys need to help me, please!” Ethan pleaded. “We’re only going to follow you if you promise this isn’t a joke,” Luna said. She would normally not go because he’s done this before but from the look on his face, she could tell that he wasn’t lying. He was clearly holding back tears. “I promise,” Ethan said finally. They followed him into his house. Once again, there was another dead body, it was Ethan’s mom, Jenny Newman. On the wall, written in blood said you’re never alone. After seeing the dead body of his mother, he couldn’t help but burst into tears, he always acted so tough so it felt odd watching him cry.

I understood what it felt like to lose a parent. I lost both of mine when I was 6. I’m not going to lie; I use to have a crush on Ethan. He has such beautiful amber eyes, he has the most perfect smile, black hair that covered his eyes, I couldn’t help but like him. Most people think I’m insane when I tell them. I started to comfort Ethan. It hurt to see him so vulnerable.

After a few moments of just looking around and comforting Ethan, I noticed that Anthea was gone. Before I could say anything, I felt a bat hit me right in the back of the head. I woke up a few minutes later. Artemis, Anthea, and I were tied to chairs and saw two men arguing. After a few seconds, they noticed that we had woken up. “Why are you doing this!” Anthea screamed. He started yelling at her “Shut your mouth!” He was wearing the same hideous purple socks my dad used to wear. Once when I was little, I asked my dad why he wore the socks. He said “Los uso para mostrar mi confianza, cariño. Cuando entro en una habitación, soy el centro de atención solo porque tuve la fuerza para usar estos calcetines y no me importa lo que diga la gente.” In English, that means “I use them to show my confidence, darling. When I walk into a room, I am the center of attention just because I had the strength to wear these socks and I don't care what people say." I’m the only person in school that really speaks Spanish. My parents were Colombian. “Why are you doing this!” Artemis signed as I translated. “I’m just following orders.” One of the guys quickly responded. “Who’s doing this then?” Anthea asked with a look of worry on her face. The men refused to tell us who they’re were working for but they said that she was going to come at any moment. Before we could say anything about their response, she came. We all looked at her with a look of horror.

“Ellie, how could you do this?” I yelled. “I only did this for you. They were in the way of our relationship. You are mine!” She screamed. I felt the innocent look on her face fade as I saw her as a different person. “The same reason I killed your parents, you are mine and if I can’t have you to myself then no one can. “You be wondering how I knew you before I adopted you, do you remember auntie Ellie,” Ellie said walking up to us and grabbing a knife, it was a butcher knife, the one my mom used. She put the knife to my throat and quietly whispered “You’re never alone.” She removed the knife from my neck and placed it on the table. I started to cry as I heard Anthea and Artemis arguing with Ellie, my step-mom.

It felt so weird, odd, scary. Auntie Ellie was my psycho baby sitter. She tried to kill my dad twice and tried to poison my mom. She wanted me all to herself. Why that was my only question, just why. We all thought it was some ghost from an old legend but no. It was Ellie.

“You can’t have me all to yourself, I have a life as well,” I yelled before I realized that wasn’t a good idea. She’s psycho and will do anything to get what she wants. “If I can’t have you, I guess no one can.” She said as she picks up a gun and pointed it at Artemis. She slowly pulled the trigger. I burst into tears and screamed, “What is wrong with you, you’re a monster!” I yelled, but then I realized Artemis wasn’t dead, I could tell she was alive. I sighed from relief. The police burst in and started yelling. They handcuffed Ellie. She was sentenced to death. As they put her in to the police car she said “You’re Never Alone.”

Ethan came running towards me. “Oh, thank goodness you’re alive!” He yelled as he gave me a hug. He slowly leaned in and gave me a kiss. I felt time stop, the world was spinning. Before we could say anything, we heard Anthea singing “Ethan and Luna sitting on a tree, K. I. S. S. I. N. G.” I interrupted her by saying “Shut up!”

Now life is good! Ethan and I started dating. Artemis was okay, Melanie, Ethan, and I got adopted by different people in Salem and we still lived relatively close to each other. On Halloween we sometimes see Ellie standing outside whispering "You’re Never Alone."

Hi guys, I hope you enjoyed this Halloween story, I wrote it for a Google Classroom assignment. I just wanted to once again remind you that I will be making a podcast on December 21. I hope you guys have a good day.



Edit: This story is REALLY bad because I made it a long time ago. I'm surprised I used to write like this, I'm much better now

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