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Who? A Story Where No One is Truly Innocent

Aurelia Goldbloom was the richest girl in 12th grade, pretty, popular, and simply amazing, I am none of those things. I’m Juniper Hojas Perennes, named after catholic saint, Junípero Serra. I might not be beautiful but I’m good at a lot of things, art, music, poetry, writing essays (I don’t write essays for fun, they’re research papers) but most of all, I’m good at all things murder mystery and though I like true crime, I never considered that I would be part of one. I’m documenting everything that is happening so that when I get murdered, police will find this and know who the murderer is or I will use it to prove my innocence. It all started with Aurelia’s 18th birthday, it was a theme party and the theme was “Drop it like F. Scott” she decided on the theme after watching “He’s All That” and despite the parties in the book being a representation of the shallowness of the upper class and “The Great Gatsby” is a book written by some rich white guy about some rich white guy she decided on that theme. She invited the entire grade to her giant mansion for the party. Once we arrived I got in the elevator in Aurelia’s house with three people. A weirdo, friend, and a stranger, Aldo Altman, Aphrodite Valentine, and Aurelia herself. Aldo Altman is the nerdiest person alive besides me, people at first assumed we would get along create but like magnets, the same side never attracts, we’ve been enemies from day one because we ran against each other for class president, neither of us won. Aphrodite Valentine won. Noah Anderson was running for class president too, he was Aurelia’s on and off again boyfriend. At the time of the party, they weren’t together but everyone knew they would be back together soon. Aphrodite Valentine was the Straight A, popular, perfect girl. She’s a control freak who has to have everything perfect or she freaks out. She also happens to be my best friend in the world. We met in kindergarten when she snatched back the crayons the before-mentioned Noah Anderson had stolen from me. We arrived at what looked like a mid 20’s club and sat at the bar and I got a mocktail. On the menu, it was called Popped Cherry, it was cherry-flavored soda, strawberry pop rocks, and whipped cream with a cherry on top. I was taking a sip of my drink when Aurelia sat next to me and asked for the same drink I did. “I didn’t actually think you’d come, you’re so introverted and quiet.” She said with a genuine smile that I’d never seen, her smile had always been something that annoyed me, it represented the lack of depth or solidity of the people deemed “better” than me by others but this smile was different, it showed real feelings, something I thought Aurelia didn’t have. Suddenly, the lights flickered, I heard the sound of glass breaking and screaming, this scream was blood-curdling, disturbing, and clearly a cry for help. I was sadly too late. When they came back on, on the floor was Aurelia’s dead body and a smashed whisky glass with one of the larger pieces covered in blood. Aurelia had been killed, someone took the life of this innocent girl within seconds, someone turned off the light to allow this murder to happen. When it comes to homicide, murder, manslaughter, basically anything that means someone killing another person there are a lot of questions, what, when, where, how, why, but most importantly, who? This is the first entry of my journal, I’m documenting everything because I’m on a mission to find out who killed her, despite not being close with her it means a lot to me.

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