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The Movie Theater

Silent dark room, the emergency exit sign, the taste of the diet coke, popcorn, and kitkats. Smells, tastes, sights, textures, sounds. Smells, the elderly lady's perfume (She's sitting in the row behind me), the obvious one, popcorn, butter, and caramel, chocolate covered raisins (It's sweet and plastic-like at the same time, very interesting smell), and the faint smell at the entrance of Chanel perfume from the store next to the theater. Tastes such as caramel popcorn hidden beneath the normal butter, sour patch kids, Hershey's chocolate bars, hot dogs, and the beloved nacho cheese. Sights as in not only the movie itself but the lights that turn on at the end, the seats in front of you, the aforementioned emergency exit sign, and the fire alarm. Textures, for instance, the velvet of the seats, the cold plastic of the armrests, and the warm hands of the loved one next to me. For sounds, I only have a few, the kissing of the couple in the last row, the giggling of the family in the 7th row, the questions of the confused old man in the 5th row. These things are small, faint, memories of the millions of times I've been in movie theaters because of my parent's jobs, I have dozens of memories of just being in movie theaters, they're core memories. I still constantly go to movie theaters and those memories are moments I will never forget. I think I have this comfort in movie theaters because of my mom's job making me move every 3-4.5 years, it's something that's always there, no matter what country I'm in.



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