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Pink Sugar

I hate Prudence May Callaway, I hate her voice, her clothes, her name, her personality, but most of all, I hate that she thinks she’s better than me. I celebrated when she left for France but now she's back. I knew I was going to see her, it was inevitable. All these thoughts were running through my head, I closed my locker and turned to see a drop-dead gorgeous girl who looked awfully familiar then I noticed the scar right below her knee, Callaway. Before I could think I heard a bell ring, and I had to head to class. What had happened to her? When in the year she was gone did she change so much? Was she still Callaway or was she a new and improved Callaway? I went to sit down in MY spot but someone was there, low and behold, it was Callaway. "CALLAWAY!" She jumped up a little and turned around to look at me. "You're in my spot! Just because you're back doesn't mean you have to annoy the living shit out of me… again" I yelled while placing my backpack on the desk. "It doesn't say your name on it Anne Marie and I asked if I could." She looked up at me with baby doll eyes, I rolled my eyes and sat next to her. I didn’t realize the way she doomed me. I was sitting behind Eric Jones, the tallest kid since 6th grade, great. Mrs. Harris said we were going to do some popcorn reading to warm up and then we’ll talk about the project of the year, the book was Romeo & Juliet. While we were reading I noticed that Callaway was reading a different book, she was reading I Kissed Shara Wheeler, I realized how perfect it was. When I finished my turn I was ready to see her demise, “Popcorn Prudence.” I turned around, ready to see her all confused but she wasn’t. She looked me dead in the eyes, smirked, and started reciting the chapter from memory, when she finished, she continued reading the book. We finished the 5 chapters and Mrs. Harris started talking about the final project, “The final project this year is in pairs. We’ll be working on this project all year long and I’ll check in every few weeks to see your progress. The project is to write an essay about your partner and what makes them special.” I was pretty surprised that it was such a simple project, I was sure that I’d get partnered with Denise (My best friend since diapers) because my last name is Williams and hers is Wagner. I hear Mrs. Harris call every team but then I hear Denise’s name but not mine, huh? “And finally, Anne Marie Williams and Prudence May Callaway.” Burn. In. Hell. Mrs. Harris. Once class was over, Callaway placed her elbows down on my desk and stared at me, I could smell her perfume. It smelled of bergamot, peach, jasmine, may rose, what I think might have been cinnamon, and a few other things, it was very fitting for someone like her. “Guess we’re gonna have to work together on this chérie.” ugh! That stupid face she always makes made me feel nervous and fidgety. I bit my lip because I was intimidated by her. I always hated admitting that she frightened me, it was her confidence and how sure of herself she seemed. “When are you free to study?” I asked, trying to seem as confident as possible. "Wednesday, right after school." She stood up straight. "Sounds perfect," I said, talking through my teeth. She smirked and walked away

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