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Not Stupid

Hello! I wrote a poem about being the dumb friend in the friend group. Please be nice :D

Not Stupid

It always bothered me that my friends thought I was stupid

And when they talked about achievements I always felt excluded

And with constantly being called dumb, my brain felt polluted

And after a while, you can imagine how deep in me that thought was rooted

It hurt cause I knew they were right

I know I'm not bright

But this is my story that I want to rewrite

I want to win medals and trophies out of spite

No one thought to ask if I was okay with it

Okay with them talking about how dim the light in my head was lit

Every comment felt like being hit

Who cares if I lack wit?

I know I'm not a genius but I'm not stupid

And I know it's smooth but my brain is not putrid

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