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Name Tag

Updated: Sep 8, 2021

I've mentioned before that I had anxiety before and a lot of people know that about me to the point where that's what they think of when they think of me. I was with my psychologist and she always tells me to get rid of the title that I've given myself and I was thinking about a girl in my class who is also often recognized because of one time when she cried and that got me thinking. Why do we give ourselves and others these titles, these tags, this thing that defines them? I want to destroy this thing that supposedly defines us and for people to get to know us for who we actually are. I adore the movie Mean Girls and in the movie, they wear pink on Wednesday so we'll do something a little similar. On Wednesday, we'll all wear a name tag to show people that we aren't the things that have happened to us, we're people with feelings and emotions, not moments.



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