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Candles are lit when people spread hatred and despite them looking beautiful at first they quickly burn you, set your body on fire, and destroy your surroundings. Time to blow out the candles, to avoid destroying more. Candles are your mind, intrusive thoughts, and simply every negative thing in your head. It might seem like no big deal but as those fires build-up, you start to get burned and those burns will leave scars. Running into those fires might seem like the best option but as the old saying says, you don’t play with fire unless you wanna get burned. I stand in this raging inferno and get burned, burns that will become memories I want to erase with every cell in my body but they’re permanent. I’ve been lit on fire and have severe burns that I have blamed on other people nevertheless, they weren’t anyone’s fault. Guilt-tripping myself isn’t a solution, neither is blaming other people. Yes, I’m burned and you probably are too but these burns don’t heal by walking into these fires again but rather blowing out these candles and pouring water on these flames. It’s never easy to contain the flames in our minds but trying is the closest thing to doing and you should never give up like so many of us have. These people who gave up did so because they thought that was their only way out, the fire consumed them and no matter how many times they tried, they relit themselves. Despite some people having bigger burns than others, no one should be shamed for their scars, no one should be ashamed to be hurting or needing help, and while others have had to put out bigger fires, everyone will always have their fires no matter how perfect life is for them



Summary: This speech, essay, etc (Don't really know what this is) is a metaphor for mental illness and suicide. Both things I've dealt with, mental illness being my anxiety and suicide being the suicidal thoughts I've had several times in my life (Specifically a few weeks ago). I know my family is reading this and I just wanted to say, problems aren't fixed by ignoring them and I personally like to solve my problems by writing about them. I'm talking with my psychologist and I'm getting better, it's a long process to recovery but I'll be okay in the end. Life is something everyone deserves, not something that is earned. I learned that with trial and error but now I know my worth and that I do deserve to live

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