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August 14th, Our one year Anniversary

Updated: Oct 4, 2021

Thank you so much for this amazing year!!! I have had so much fun writing here. August 14th, 2020, I created this blog simply because I liked writing and wanted to have somewhere where I can write and other people could see my work and throughout this year I've experienced a lot of loss and a lot of gains but I could have never done this without the few people who actually like what I write. Fun Fact: Portuguese Crisis of 1383–1385: Battle of Aljubarrota – Portuguese forces commanded by King João I and his general Nuno Álvares Pereira defeat the Castilian army of King Juan I happened on August 14th as well, if you want to know more that happened on this day, you can read this,cause%20a%20forest%20fire%20in%20th...%20More%20

I think it's incredible that something that started as an excuse to geek out about things I know a lot about has become this. And for the 33rd time this year,



PS: Sorry I posted this on the 18th of August and not the 14th of August, I've been really busy and I was so laser-focused on the new The Owl House episode that I forgot

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