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A School Girl's Guide to Surviving The Zombie Apocalypse

Updated: Sep 28, 2020

Surviving a zombie apocalypse is extremely difficult and almost impossible. Did you know that under the conditions of a zombie apocalypse, it was found that it would take around 1,000 days, or 2.7 years, for humans to wipe out all the zombies? And then another 25 years on top of that for the human population to start to recover from the attack. There are several common themes and tropes that create a zombie apocalypse. Initial contacts with zombies are extremely traumatic, causing shock, panic, disbelief, and possibly denial, hampering survivors' ability to deal with hostile encounters. The best places to survive the zombie apocalypse are Virginia with a survivability score of 61, Hawaii with a survivability score of 30, Nebraska with a survivability score of 28, New Jersey with a survivability score of 27.5, Delaware with a survivability score of 16.75, and Rhode Island with a survivability score of 14.75. When you’re in the middle of a zombie apocalypse the most important things to have are a Gerber Apocalypse Kit, Knives are quite possibly the most essential item on the list, Tactical Sammich, Lifesaver Water Bottle, Coleman Expedition First Aid Kit, M4 Tactical Crossbow, Dead on Annihilator Superhammer, Blackhawk S.O.L.A.G. HD Kevlar Gloves and a 5.11 Tactical Field Ops Watch. Did you know that some examples of zombie-like symptoms are poor motor coordination, sleeping Sickness, fever and chills, joint pain, itching, and headaches? I hope this will be useful for people in the future but that's unlikely anyway I hope that you enjoyed this.



PS. I wrote this in like five minutes and it’s midnight cause I can't sleep so sorry if it seems like I have no idea what I'm writing.

Author's note: This is the first time I'm properly reading through this, even if it is 4 days later and all I have to say is, I had no idea what I was doing

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