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A School Girl's Guide to Surviving School

Updated: Sep 28, 2020

Surviving school is pretty hard and seems impossible while you're a child, you may suffer from bullying or just have something in psychology we call "The Imaginary audience". The imaginary audience is that anxious feeling you get that everyone is watching and secretly judging your every move, like if you walk by someone and they start laughing you instantly think they're laughing at you cause you're wearing a Pokemon shirt, and that anxious feeling can be expressed in a bunch of different ways including negative ways like bullying. Today I'm going to give you a guide on how to survive school. 1. If someone is bullying you and nobody knows about it don't keep it to yourself, if you keep it to yourself, you’re only making it happen again. 2. Be able to fight back, if someone is bullying you make sure that you fight back not physically fight back with words or just a threaten them. 3. Make sure that you a genuine group of friends, fake friends are worse than no friends. 4. Try to join clubs or a group of people with similar interest, school is easier with friends. 5. Don't try to become popular, it's better to only have your small group of friends than an entire school following you. Those are the basics to surviving school. I hope you enjoyed it.



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