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A School Girl's Guide To Reading

Updated: Sep 28, 2020

Almost everyone's read a book before, Reading is a very important part of life that almost all of us experience. Did you know that reading boosts analytical thinking, you can learn important thinking skills that many future jobs need! The most obvious benefits of reading are enhanced smarts, reading reduces stress, greater tranquility, improved analytical thinking, increased vocabulary, improved memory, improved writing skills, and helps prioritize goals. Other benefits to reading are that it makes you more empathetic. Reading is a way to escape your own life and can take you to faraway lands, other times, and put you in other people's shoes, reading keeps your brain healthy, reading reduces stress, reading helps you sleep better, and reading sets an example for kids. The study was conducted over the course of 24 years, surveying subjects every other year between 1992 and 2016, so you can't just read 30 minutes a day every so often and expect it to work. That's 30 dedicated minutes a day, every day for at least 12 years. I hope you enjoyed



PS. Sorry it's really short, I might be an author but I'm still a child with a very short attention span

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