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A School Girl's Guide To Crying

Updated: Sep 28, 2020

Crying is something everybody's at least done once in their life, crying is a way of expressing emotions. Crying allows people to release their feelings and hopefully achieve relief or satisfaction. Moreover, crying has a physiological effect on the body, such as releasing neurochemical substances that can improve mood. When people shed tears out of pain or joy, crying is an emotional response to a psychological condition. Did you know that the part of the brain that switches on the “tear fountain” receives signals from the part of your brain that controls your emotions? Psychologists believe that crying because of emotions is something only humans do. Most of us cry sometimes because we are really sad. Some of us also cry when we are happy, emotional tears also contain more mood-regulating manganese than the other types. Stress tightens muscles and heightens tension, so when you cry you release some of that. Crying activates the parasympathetic nervous system and restores the body to a state of balance. There are three types of tears, Basal Tears, Reflex Tears, Emotional Tears if you want to know more about the types of tears click this link

Today I wanted to write something short and simple so I decided to write about crying. This is partly inspired by Emirichu's video on crying



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