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A School Girl's Guide to Being Gifted

People who are gifted have above-average intelligence and/or superior talent for something, such as music, art, or math. Most public-school programs for the gifted select children who have superior intellectual skills and academic aptitude. Hi, my name is Alicia, and If you didn't know, I'm gifted. Being gifted isn't actually all that it's cut out to be, being gifted academically can make a child feel different from her peers and may even lead to the child being bullied and becoming depressed. Studies have shown that the more intellectually gifted a child is, the greater the risk of social difficulties and unhappiness. Something I want to talk about is Gifted kid burnout—a term coined by youth on the internet to discuss their experiences growing up as a “gifted student.” They are describing perfectionism, the subconscious resistance to challenge, and feelings of low self-worth which they attribute to gifted programs in public schools. I couldn't find much about gifted kid burnout so I don't have anything else to say. No child is born gifted—only with the potential for giftedness. Research in psychology, neuroscience, linguistics, and early learning can help parents create responsive environments that allow their children to develop their potential to the fullest—that is, to create giftedness. Some of you might be asking, "Are autistic or neurodivergent people in general, gifted?" and the answer to that is a solid maybe because ASD is considered a disability, some educators do not consider that it is possible for a student to be both gifted and disabled. How Can Gifted Students Also Have a Diagnosis of an Autism Spectrum Disorder? Giftedness and ASD are not mutually exclusive; they can and do co-exist. Although atypical behaviors in gifted children do not necessarily indicate the presence of a disability, gifted children can have ADHD or another behavioral or mental health condition even when they are provided with appropriate levels of stimulation. A gifted child is described as having an unusually large vocabulary and complex sentence structure for age. Advanced comprehension of word nuances, metaphors, and abstract ideas. Enjoys solving problems, especially with numbers and puzzles. Often self-taught reading and writing skills as a preschooler. Somethings you can do to help gifted children are to know their Interests, share what you are reading with gifted students, and keep them active. Something that really helps me is reading books with the class as well as doing similar work to everyone else but still be on my level. Overall, being gifted isn't always great but it does come with some benefits, we might be smarter or more advanced than everyone else but we're still children. I hope you enjoyed it.



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