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A Place in Heaven

I grew up in a catholic family, that sounds like every Colombian girl in the world but my Colombia-American identity crisis is a topic for another day. Today's topic is more of a question, I'm questioning the afterlife, I want to go to heaven but there are certain things about me that people believe don't make the cut, I'm bisexual. I refused to admit it for a long time because I always thought I'd go to hell. I probably still will but I sometimes wonder, is there a place in heaven for people like me? People that still believe in God and treat people with kindness and try to do everything in their power to go to heaven but are LGBTQ+, maybe when I get there, Jesus will say that he never said those things and will let me stay there with him and all the other wonderful people but I doubt that will happen. For now, I'll keep imagining that place in heaven. Christians altered the Tanakh/Old Testament to be homophobic. In Leviticus, the original translation was “A man shall not lie with a boy as with a woman". The Hebrew version of that is still in the Torah to this day. Christians altered it to “A man shall not lie with a man/male as with a woman.” But there is still a possibility that when I arrive at the gates of place all of us wish we could enter, I shall be rejected like many have rejected me before and will continue to. In honor of all those who make up the "B" of LGBTQ+, here is my argument as to why all people on the sexuality and gender spectrum as well as the people who aren't should be accepted. Because we deserve it, we deserve love, we deserve happiness, and we deserve acceptance. A lot of those are things people believe we shouldn't have but we all want to be loved, accepted, and respected but just because of the beliefs of other people, we're deemed unworthy. The bible says a lot of things but one that stands out to me is "Love thy neighbor as thyself." It makes all the hatred in the world seem irrelevant because we know that some people might be awful and cruel but we still treat people with care, kind-heartedness, and consideration. I stare at blank walls sometimes and simply think about things I can't say out loud but this thought deserved to be talked about, maybe not face-to-face but through screens. I know a lot of people will disagree but I won't listen, I'll answer when I arrive at that place in heaven, for me, for everyone who ever felt unworthy and unethical when they did nothing wrong.



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